Protect Your Family With The Discount Legal Plan

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Always Have Access To An Attorney With Our Services.

When you least expect it, bad things can happen to good people. What can you do if you or a family member find themselves dealing with a legal situation? Prosecution can impact not only your finances but cause emotional hardship as well. Get peace of mind when you have a membership with Discount Legal Plan. We offer real protection for you and yours with access to our Nationwide Attorney Network when you need them for just $250 annually.

On top of that, we have partnered with Bail Shop, LLC to get your freedom back. A critical part of dealing with legal matters is being able to plan for your court date. With the assistance of Bail Shop, LLC you can return to the comfort of your home and your daily routine while preparing for your day in court. Our bondsmen help you through this difficult time by working with you to reduce the stress.

Ever wish getting help was as easy as pushing a big button? With the ArrestSOS app, it can be! This FREE app allows you to have legal representation and services discreetly dispatched to you when you need them. Simply download ArrestSOS for free from the Google Play or iTunes Store and input your information to have legal assistance at the ready with the tap of the big red button!

Our Legal Plan Underwriters are always available “live” to chat with you and offer more information. Visit our website at and click on “Let’s Talk” to chat online or call us toll-free at (855) 440-2245 to speak with our team today about your legal help needs.