Addiction Prevention Services

Photo of Addiction Prevention GroupWhen dealing with addiction, it can be difficult to find the services you need. There are many programs out there, but how do you know which one is right for you? The professionals at Addiction Prevention Strategies are here to help you every step of the way. We take the time to match you up with the addiction prevention service that will work best for you, offering you clear information on the costs, rehab types and treatment plans available. We offer these services for all addiction types and referral types, from individual to court mandated. Let us get you started on your path to recovery today. Call us at 855-277-3785 and speak with our professional team about your needs.

Drug and Alcohol Charge Assistance

Legal Drug AssistanceAddiction Prevention Strategies doesn’t only help with rehabilitation but can provide legal assistance as well. When drugs or alcohol are involved, legal trouble can crop up. Finding the right legal help can leave you just as overwhelmed as finding rehabilitation. Addiction Prevention Strategies takes the stress out of finding legal help for your situation with legal advice for DUI, DWI and more. We can connect you to the nations best criminal defense attorneys and expert bondsmen to help you get through your legal proceedings. We work with the prosecuting attorney to try to give you a resolution that avoids incarceration. We can recommend treatment programs as an alternative and offer complimentary referral services. Our case mitigation services are here to assist you. We even offer legal insurance to protect you against infractions. Our discount legal plan guarantees you will always have access to representation and bonding for those unexpected situations. It is all a part of how we provide you the best addiction and legal service for your needs.

Contact Us For Addiction Services!

No matter what your circumstances, Addiction Prevention Services is here to assist you. From legal help to finding the right rehab program, our team is always available to get you the services you need. We work tirelessly to provide you with the best programs available to give you the best chance of recovery. Our goal is to provide a realistic, ideal rehabilitation program that lets you keep living and is comfortable. To do so, we listen to your needs and concerns for your individual or court-mandated treatment and help you set up a path to recovery. Give Addiction Prevention Strategies a call today at 855-277-3785 for your rehabilitation or legal needs.