Get Additional Legal Protection!

At Discount Legal Plan, we want to be the team of legal professionals that help you with all areas of the law. While our main focus is giving you professional and high-quality services for post-arrest and post-conviction, we are able to help individuals with additional legal protection. To learn more information, you can call us at (855) 440-2245 or read about our additional legal protection services.

  • Additional Legal ProtectionWills Prepared & Updated: If you are preparing your will or wanting to update it, getting legal counsel might not seem necessary. While it might seem like a simple process, drawing up your own will has its risks. Do-it-yourself services are less expensive, but each circumstance is different and must be tailored to that specific individual. Our lawyers will work closely with you, looking at your particular situation and providing you with legal advice, as well as prepare or update your will to meet your specific needs.
  • IRS Audit: An IRS audit can be quite a shock when it comes out of nowhere. Audits are used to evaluate an individual’s accounts and confirm that everything is accurate and there are no discrepancies. Although a lot of audits are complete random, that doesn’t make them less stressful. With the help of our professionals, we can take you step by step through the auditing process and provide you with high-quality services.
  • Traffic Violations: Whether it’s running a red light or driving with no insurance, these things should not prevent you from living your life. If you’ve been issued a citation for any type of traffic violation, our lawyers are here to help you. We have a clear understanding of all local and state traffic laws and are able to give you the best results. Don’t let a traffic violation stand in the way of going about your daily life, we are here to help you.
  • Adoption: Adding a new member of your family is an exciting time, but can be disrupted by all the legal paperwork. With international or domestic adoptions, various legal documents must be completed in order to become the parent. With the additional legal protection service, we can assist you through the whole process and guarantee everything goes smoothly.
  • Child Support: Ensuring the financial future of your child is absolutely crucial. If you are going through a situation where child support is late or hasn’t been paid, our qualified team is here to get the money that is due to your child. From modifying, mediation, or settlement, we will get you the support that you need when you call us at (855) 440-2245.
  • Child Custody: Going through a divorce has many added pressures, especially when a child is involved. If you are in a custody battle that is going nowhere, we want to be able to provide our assistance. Decisions regarding your children are important, and we will make sure that your children’s best interest is always met. From setting up visitation schedules to custody, our team of professionals is here for you.
  • Child Visitation: Coming up with a child visitation schedule can be difficult when many people are involved. The biggest focus should be the best interest of the child and with our additional legal protection, we can make establishing child visitations beneficial and fair.
  • Separation: If you are wanting to legally separate from your spouse and need help with the legal aspects, our experienced lawyers are here to make the separation process quick and easy. Separating can be a stressful situation, but we will get you through this painful experience by providing professional legal counsel.
  • Divorce: Whether you are going through a contested or uncontested divorce, the process involves a myriad of concerns that must be addressed. From dividing up property to child custody, having a competent lawyer who can provide expert and affordable solutions is essential. We are able to make the process less stressful and give you the legal advice and help that you need.
  • Real Estate Purchase or Sale: Real estate transactions are complex and involve contracts and other documents that can be difficult to comprehend. Our lawyers are experienced and well-versed in real estate law, so we can assist commercial or residential sales or purchases. We are able to advise individuals on all matters of real estate purchase or sale, handling every detail and ensuring that the whole process goes smoothly.
  • Contracts: If you need help understanding a specific contract or need a contract written up, our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help you. Our professionals are able to draft any type of contract you need and ensure that it is legally binding.

If you have questions about our additional legal protection services or would like to become a member of Discount Legal Plan, please call our team at (855) 440-2245. We are ready to help you with any type of legal advice or protection that you need. Apply for coverage today!