Discount Legal Plan For Your Legal Needs

Need assistance when dealing with legal proceedings? As we all go through our daily lives, at no point does one anticipate the threat of going to court. This can leave you surprised and unprepared as you have to create your defense and build your evidence for your day in court. On top of that, it creates an emotional and financial burden that many of us are just not prepared for. With the Discount Legal Plan, get the help you need when you need it. For just $250 annually, get access to the emergency hotline, Nationwide Attorney Network, witness coordination and more you need to be ready to meet the judge.

Our legal system is broken into many different branches of law, each being defined and yet complex. Our attorneys specialize in all aspects of law, from criminal to family and everything in between. We can help you with your particular case, whether you need to write up a will or move forward with adoption proceedings, to make your case as stress-free as possible. Let us help you find the best solutions for you and your loved ones.

Legal proceedings are more than just preparing a case. Facing the court requires a great amount of time and money. However, the legal fees and time away from work can leave you in a bind, creating an even bigger impact on your financial and emotional wellbeing. Our Discount Legal Plan is the ONLY legal plan in America that provides its Member’s with financing helping you make any legal problem affordable! We help you in your time of legal need.

Our Legal Plan Underwriters are always available “live” to chat with you and provide more information. Visit our website & click on “Let’s Talk” and begin speaking with one of our experts today. Protect your Constitutional Rights today & call us toll-free at (855) 440-2245 or visit our website at