Discount Legal Plan: Here To Help!

Discount Legal Plan

Discount Legal Plan is here to help you when you need it most. Legal situations can occur when you least expect it. What starts as a peaceful protest can be blown out of proportion by outside elements and lead to an arrest. For just $399 annually, protect yourself and your loved ones with Discount Legal Plan. We provide you with a top notch attorney from our Nationwide Attorney Network, witness coordination, 24/7 emergency hotline access, and more to help you build the best defense. We protect your constitutional rights while helping you navigate the complex american justice system.

Sometimes the most difficult part of a case isn’t the case itself. Over the course of your proceedings, you may find that the legal fees and fines pile up, causing a great financial burden. The Discount Legal Plan is the ONLY legal plan in America that provides its Members with financing helping you make any legal problem affordable! Let us help you.

What starts off as a seemingly easy process can suddenly become very complicated very quickly. That is why you need someone to back you during your legal case. The Nationwide Attorney Network is made up of legal professionals, specializing in different aspects of law, from family to criminal. We provide you with the legal aide you need for your particular case.

Our Legal Plan Underwriters are always available “live” to chat with you and provide more information. Visit our website & click on “Let’s Talk” and begin speaking with one of our experts today. Protect your Constitutional Rights today & call us toll-free at (855) 440-2245 or visit our website at