Financial Assistance With the Discount Legal Plan

Discount Legal Plan FinancingGoing to court to defend yourself can come as a surprise. What can be more surprising is the fees and fines associated with your court case. No one anticipates having to set aside money for legal proceedings. How can you lessen the burden when you are already missing work for your court case? With the Discount Legal Plan, you are always prepared. The Discount Legal Plan is the ONLY legal plan in America that provides its Member’s with financing helping you make any legal problem affordable! We work with you for solutions so you can focus on your case. Let us help you!

When facing legal proceedings, rest easy when you have Discount Legal Plan. We offer you access to the Nationwide Attorney Network, 24/7 emergency hotline, witness coordination, and more for just $399 annually. We can help you reduce the stress of a case by protecting your constitutional rights while dealing with the American Justice System. Let us help you!1

Whether it is for an updated will or a divorce proceeding, the Nationwide Attorney Network and Discount Legal Plan can assist you. Different cases have different needs, and at Discount Legal Plan, we understand this. Our Nationwide Attorney Network is made of legal professionals who specialize in different branches of law, including family law. We will help you find the best resolution and representation for your case.

Our Legal Plan Underwriters are always available “live” to chat with you and provide more information. Visit our website & click on “Let’s Talk” and begin speaking with one of our experts today. Protect your Constitutional Rights today & call us toll-free at (855) 440-2245 or visit our website at