Financial Help From the Discount Legal Plan

discount  legal planWhen you hear about legal cases, people tell you about attorneys and the details of a case. One thing that is rarely mentioned is the financial strain and stress you can experience when dealing with a case. All the time missed from work as well as accrued fees and fines can find you cutting into your savings, wondering how you will make ends meet. There is a way to avoid this stress. Our Discount Legal Plan is the ONLY legal plan in America that provides its Members with financing helping you make any legal problem affordable. We work with you to help you lower the strain and allow you to focus on your case.

Want to stay protected from legal proceedings? For just $399 annually, the Discount Legal Plan can help. We provide you with quality legal protection and services when you need them most, including witness coordination, an emergency hotline, and access to our Nationwide Attorney Network. Our team works tirelessly to protect you and your constitutional rights as you deal with your case. Let us help reduce your stress if a case ever arises.

Your case could be focused on a specific type of law, such as family or criminal cases. When handling legal proceedings, you want an attorney who will be able to help you find the best course of action and defense for your case. Our Nationwide Attorney Network is made up of individual attorneys who specialize in different types of cases. With the Discount Legal Plan, you always get the right attorney for your needs.

Our Legal Plan Underwriters are always available “live” to chat with you and provide more information. Visit our website & click on “Let’s Talk” and begin speaking with one of our experts today. Protect your Constitutional Rights today & call us toll-free at (855) 440-2245 or visit our website at