Get The Arrest Protection You Deserve

Being arrested is something that’s never planned for. It’s the headache no one wants to deal with. We know that these situations cause stress and can jeopardize your life in some cases. That’s why Discount Legal offers protection for your arrest with the Discount Legal Plan and even more comfort with the Arrest SOS App-you never have to feel alone again. We provide legal resources in the event of an arrest and can help sort through the mess. Take a look to see what’s all included in our Discount Legal Plan:

+ Financial assistance to help pay for Legal Fees

+ Immediate access to top notch Criminal Defense Attorney

+ Expert Witness Coordination

+ Nationwide Attorney Network

+ Free Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services Referral

+ 24/7 Emergency Hotline

Arrest protection through our Discount Legal plan gives you and your family comprehensive safeguards. Let’s get started on your Arrest Protection today. Call Discount Legal Plan at (855) 440-2245 to speak with one of our expert Legal Plan Underwriters or visit us online at