Help During The Holidays with ArrestSOS

With the holidays coming fast, you want your family get-togethers to go off seamlessly. However, while you are rushing to get from one place to the next, the unexpected can occur. You can find yourself facing charges and an arrest when you least expect it. How can you guarantee you will have the services you need in the event of an arrest? With the FREE ArrestSOS app, you can guarantee you have access to the legal services you need with a push of the big red button. Don’t miss out on your holidays, download our FREE ArrestSOS app from the Google Play or iTunes Store today!

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police car arrestsosWith a court case, you already have to miss out on days of work and deal with emotional stress. However, legal fees can also pile up, creating even more stress and taking their toll on you and your loved ones. Our Discount Legal Plan is the ONLY legal plan in America that provides its Member’s with financing helping you make any legal problem affordable! We help you in your time of legal need.

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