Legal Fee Financing Assistance

Arrests and other legal services can be incredibly costly for individuals and their families. Our mission is to help as many people through their post-arrest and post-conviction, but we know it can place a heavy burden on individuals when legal fees become expensive. Because of this, we offer legal financing assistance for Discount Legal Plan members. We recognize that when you, your family member, or loved one is arrested, the last thing you want to think about is legal fees. They can be costly and in some instances, prevent you from going about your daily life. WIth our legal fee financing assistance, we can make the situation better by offering financial help. Let our professional team not only help you with post-arrest and post-conviction but with your legal costs, as well. Call Discount Legal Plan today at (855) 440-2245 to start the application process for legal fee financing.

What Is Legal Fee Financing Assistance?

Legal Fee Financing AssistanceIn the event of arrest or another legal service, we can provide financial coverage that makes it easier to afford legal expenses. In the U.S., we are the only Legal Plan who offers its members a financing option in order to pay for legal fees. Due to the massive amount of arrests in the United States each year, our team of professionals can not only provide you access to high-quality legal assistance and expert criminal defense attorneys but with financial assistance to make paying legal fees easier. Don’t let an arrest get in the way of enjoying your life, we can help ease the burden of hefty legal costs so you, your family, or business doesn’t have to take on that hardship alone. Get assistance with your legal fees today by calling our team at (855) 440-2245! Applying for legal fee financing is quick and easy and will reduce any stress you have on legal expenses.

How To Get Legal Fee Financing Assistance

To apply for membership with Discount Legal Plan, please apply online with this application. We accept all forms credit cards, PayPal, as well as cash and certified checks. If you need to purchase your legal fee financing assistance through a payment plan, give us a call at (855) 440-2245. This is an investment that is able to give you access to attorney’s help, 24/7 emergency hotline, bail bond services, and of course legal fee financing. Don’t worry if you can’t afford legal costs; our legal fee financing will ensure your emotional and financial burden is taken care of.